Helena West - American Runway Model
best escort Singapore

Address: Singapore

Phone: 12036107664

Age: 2

Nationality: American,German

Website: http://www.helenawest.com

Helena West - American Runway Model

Description - Helena West - American Runway Model best escort Singapore

Let me give you the world. 6’3” American ex-runway model with a graduate degree. Yeah, heads turn. My rates are outrageously high. Find out why. Stop. Stare. Get in touch. DISCLAIMER: I’m not going to be modest in my ad. I’m going to be realistic. My clients are the select few who expect only the finest experiences. Well, that’s me. Everywhere I go, heads turn. Jaws drop. People stop and stare. Even the ladies are so impressed that they can’t find the time to be jealous. I’m 6’3”. Natural blonde. With the features of a movie star, and a smile taken straight out of a toothpaste commercial. I am the “It Girl” you read about in magazines. I should know, because I’ve been in a few of them. I’m Veronica Lake on stilts—there are characters like me in superhero movies that people dismiss because it’s unrealistic. Beauty? Brains? I’ve got them all. I was a runway model before I became an old maid at 25. Which is when I went to a prestigious graduate school in Boston, MA, to get my Master’s in something Heady. I run a small business related to my field of specialization, and I satisfy my wanderlust—as well as other lusts—with my side gig. I’ve eaten at Michelin-starred restaurants in six countries and four continents. I know my way around Shakespearean sonnets, although I'm currently in lust with Margaret Atwood. I’m sophisticated, but I’m not a jade ornament. I have a sense of adventure and a sense of fun. The reason I want to meet you is not because I need to, but because I want to, because I sincerely believe that both of our lives will be richer, our experiences sweeter, for having met and shared secrets and memories. I cook, I decorate, I dance, I write, I sing, I laugh, and most importantly, I love. So tell me how I can love you.