Violet Rose 27-31 August
international escort Singapore

Address: Singapore

Phone: Not available

Age: 27

Nationality: British


Violet Rose 27-31 August

Description - Violet Rose 27-31 August international escort Singapore

I am a petite, feisty, intellectual and glamorous citizen of the demimonde. I have spent the better part of my twenties devouring various alternative sex scenes and digesting educative experiences of a most diverse nature. A healthy disrespect for authority and an irrepressible lust for the forbidden were key factors in my decision to eschew traditional employment in favour of creative wanderlust. A whip-smart conversationalist and a well-educated young lady, I'm equally at home in the world's best cultural venues, as well as the most subversive fetish clubs and private parties. A former stylist, I'm never willingly under-dressed, regardless of the occasion. A natural and un-self conscious exhibitionist, I need little persuasion to be appropriately undressed. I am at once a gentle and inviting confidante and a bold and challenging companion. Whether you seek co-explorer on erotic adventures or a long-term relationship on mutually agreeable terms, you will find in me a conspirator dedicated to seeking out new heights of erotic and sensual possibility. I will visit Singapore 27-31 August and am pre-booking now. I am usually based in Berlin/London.