Jocelyn Mae - NYC
international escort Singapore

Address: Singapore

Phone: 16468538124

Age: 31

Nationality: American


Jocelyn Mae - NYC

Description - Jocelyn Mae - NYC international escort Singapore

ONLY AVAILABLE BY INVITATION - FLY ME TO YOU ONLY AVAILABLE BY INVITATION - FLY ME TO YOU ONLY AVAILABLE BY INVITATION - FLY ME TO YOU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT YOU: You’re the affluent sort, the professional type; you work exhausting, long weeks and you’ve built a career and lifestyle you are proud of. But All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… You're a man with excellent taste, who has a strong sense of what he likes…but perhaps in need of some encouragement to let out your spontaneous, playful, indulgent side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT ME: I am so pleased you’ve found me here to connect finally! Though chances are, that our paths have crossed already… I’m the cutie you see most weekends, picking up her newspaper and espresso at the local coffee shop. On your way home from the office, I'm that womanly creature standing across from you on the subway train, glancing up to meet your gaze… and I’m the sultry babe in the dimly-lit lounge; expertly ordering her whiskey with a flirtatious wink. I want nothing more than to be your escape, your vacation, your muse. I'm a woman with a bold femininity, but a shy, coy smile...I’ve been told I am free-spirited, daring and plucky…the heart of me however, is undeniably warm and affectionate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT US: No shortage of conversation, generous laughter, untamed lust…. My Rates are pointedly structured towards the longer encounter, and towards the fella who knows a thing or two about how to enjoy good company. Perhaps Cozied up in your arms, jet-lagged and reading the travel-guide book, from our freshly unmade hotel bed, holding hands at a gallery art retrospective, or stealing kisses and knowing glances across the candle light of our dinner table. I am primarily a travel and dining companion. However it is we first choose to meet; allowing that afternoon, the evening or our weekend-away to organically and flirtatiously unfold. I hope this becomes one of many playful and exciting encounters together! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I AM NOT ON TOUR IN ASIA CURRENTLY ---- I am based in NYC. I am only available for gentlemen in Hong Kong with advance notice, and by invitation - who would like to fly me to you. travel package rates are on my website. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TRAVEL PACKAGE RATES ARE: $6500 - overnight, includes plane ticket $8000 - full day, includes plane ticket - - each additional 24 hours is +$4000 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ONLY AVAILABLE BY INVITATION - FLY ME TO YOU ONLY AVAILABLE BY INVITATION - FLY ME TO YOU ONLY AVAILABLE BY INVITATION - FLY ME TO YOU