Australian Lyla Tournay
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Address: Singapore

Phone: 61474492820

Age: 25

Nationality: Australian


Australian Lyla Tournay

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I AM 100% INDEPENDENT. TOURING SINGAPORE 12-18 APRIL It seems I have piqued your interest. Allow me to draw you in further. I come from a Scottish and Polish background which is evident in my big blue eyes, blonde hair, porcelain complexion and angular facial structure. I stand at 5'3 with a size 8 figure and natural D-cup breasts. Rest assured you won't encounter any nasty surprises when we meet in person. Sex is more of a cerebral experience than just physical for me. Of course, I love nothing more than to tear off a man’s clothes and have my sweet way with him. But as a companion I feel it is of equal importance to ensure easy conversation. Words are foreplay to me. There is a reason why the brain is our largest sex organ. I should hope that you find my character as equally memorable as my body. In general, I strive to approach life with empathy and respect for others. I am university-educated and have traveled extensively. Even so, I believe that so long as I’m breathing I ought to be learning. This is why I find being a companion* so fulfilling. The amount I’ve learned by simply listening to people has made me see that everyone has something to offer. My goal is to provide a relaxed and safe environment within which you may realise your fantasies. It can be very nerve-wracking at times. But I am a nurturer at heart and I find joy in caring for others. I am pretty good at pulling even the most introverted person out of their shell. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I hope that you find what you are looking for.